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Whether it is short term or long term, if you are thinking of realizing your real estate project, plan to obtain your loan by starting with a request for a mortgage loan quote. This will allow you to optimize your home loan in order to benefit from the best borrowing conditions.

By using simulation tools on the web, you will be able to receive several personalized quotes in just a few clicks. Thus you will have an approximate idea (not final) of the total cost of your financing according to each financial organization.


Going through the online mortgage simulation

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Your request will be forwarded to the most interesting financial institutions according to your project. The various quotes you will get will allow you to choose your mortgage from the best offers on the financial market.

Regarding the purchase of real estate, the construction of a house, or even repairs to be carried out for your current accommodation, it will be very useful for you to compare several quotes so that you can carry out your project at the best possible cost.

You will receive free mortgage loan quote proposals made by various specialized professionals without any commitment on your part. You can therefore compare the offers with complete peace of mind, and then choose the loan offer that best suits your profile. The credit rates being currently low, it is interesting to benefit from it to acquire its principal or secondary housing.


The main elements to consider

The main elements to consider

To optimize your home loan and enjoy the best borrowing conditions, it is necessary to take into account the essential elements in your real estate loan simulation.

  • The mortgage rate
  • Home loan insurance
  • The mortgage guarantee
  • Early repayment of mortgage
  • The modular mortgage option
  • Mortgage fees


Home loan quick comparison

The following situations can cause the rate to decrease:

A foreclosure of the property usually means proceeds that are not sufficient to cover the remaining debt. Since the borrower is already insolvent, the bank may have to wait a long time for the rest or have to post the shortfall entirely as a loss. The debtor, on the other hand, may still have debts after the auction and also have lost his property.

Residual debt insurance is a tried and tested means of avoiding a reduction. However, it does not apply in every case, but mainly in the event of sudden unemployment.

Another method is debt rescheduling. Debting the home loan gives more financial leeway. In this case, a new home loan is taken out that has a lower rate. 

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